Uncover truths, Safeguarding you

We are your trusted ally providing you with confidential investigation services to help you protect your relationships, families, personal and business interests

Led by former enforcement officers with vast knowledge of investigation and surveillance

Who we are

We are a Malaysian private investigation licensed company, committed to providing efficient, reliable, and trustworthy investigation services. Our mission is to safeguard the interests of our valued clients.

About us
What is Private Investigator (PI) ?

Nothing can be hidden in the world of PI.

In the realm of private investigation, nothing stays hidden. Private investigators offer legal investigation services to individuals, businesses, and organisations, specialising in gathering crucial information and evidence.

With Grey Matters, invaluable insights and evidence surpass even the most comprehensive knowledge, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Who needs a Private Investigator ?

We uncover truths and safeguard your well-being from potential threats

Our commitment to your safety knows no bounds, we’re available at any hour, every day.


You don’t feel safe


Have been contacted by unknown individuals with threatening intentions


Are seeking a missing person or assets


Question your spouse’s loyalty


Call or report to the authorities but there’s no further action

When faced with critical situations or issues, it’s essential to contact the local police department immediately. However, if you encounter challenges or difficulties there, do not hesitate to seek assistance from us. Our phones are ready 24/7. Following your call, we will promptly schedule an appointment, either at our secure office or a location of your choosing, where you can be confident of your safety and privacy.

Why choose us ?

We get information that cannot be easily obtained by anyone.


We handle every case with integrity, adhere to licensing requirements, and maintain a commitment to legal and ethical standards by following all relevant laws and regulations.


With years of experience, we use proven techniques developed through years of challenges and learning from criminal cases to ensure effective results and informed decisions. This helps us get good results and make smart choices to achieve our client’s objectives.


We ensure the confidentiality of your personal information to address concerns related to privacy, security, legal matters, professional reputation, domestic issues, and the effectiveness of surveillance.