Commercial & Corporate

We safeguard your business interests, ensuring ethical operations, minimizing risks, and preserving your company's reputation and assets.

What do we do ?

We conduct commercial investigations to protect your business interests.

In the realm of business management, the greater the knowledge you possess about your brand, your competitors, and the industry, the greater the potential for your business to thrive. In fact, most companies either maintain a team of experts in business or employ in-house corporate detectives to gather essential information that helps them maintain their edge in the business market. As a business owner, you have every right to worry about what is happening inside your company.

This concern could be related to anything in your company including fraud, harassment in the workplace, breach of contracts, employment issues, and others. The purpose of commercial investigations is to ensure that your business interest is secure and that your business operations are being conducted in an ethical manner, yet successfully. Commercial investigations also help you minimize business risks as well as protect your company’s reputation and assets such as high-performing employees, business funds, and company resources. We help you achieve a clear objective for maintaining corporate governance.

This is how we achieve our aims:


Conducting discreet surveillance to monitor individuals or activities, gathering evidence through observations, and documenting behaviors.

Employee Whereabouts Investigations

Research, follow, and monitor an employee that you are suspicious of, gather proof, and keep a record for you to decide your next course of action.

Business Partner Investigation

Investigate the person you might work with to learn about their past, how they do business, and what others think of them. We observe the connection between people and companies to learn about their history and look closely to catch any hidden problems that might be hard to spot.

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