Missing Person

We perform comprehensive investigations, gathering information, interviewing, record checks, and public assistance to locate missing individuals effectively.

What do we do ?

From unsolved disappearances to ongoing police investigations, our licensed investigators can assist any case independently until we find your loved one.

Did you know? Between 2017 and September 2021, there were 4,471 cases of missing children under 18, with 4,399 found and 72 still missing. For individuals 18 and older, there were 6,074 cases, with 4,871 found and 1,203 still missing. One challenge for the police in finding missing persons is that they often wait for a specific amount of time to pass before initiating a search. This delay can be critical, especially if someone has been abducted. The police will also have limited resources and may stop looking for them after failing to locate the missing person.

This is why you need professionals for missing-person investigations. These investigations involve gathering information, interviewing people, checking records, searching, and seeking the public's help to find missing individuals. Our experts are highly trained and capable of conducting all these investigative activities with guaranteed secrecy.

This is how we achieve our aims:

The Use of IT for Faster and Accurate Evidence

We are equipped with modern technology to gather evidence and information about the missing person.

Gathering Facts and Information

Our investigator will collect all the info about the missing person such as what they look like, where they were last seen, and any important details about what happened before they went missing.

Confidential and Discrete Investigation

We will keep all our activities and private and secret while we search for what you need. Once we’re done, we’ll give you a complete and comprehensive report of all the information that we find.

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