Pre & Post Marital Investigation

We conduct background checks and surveillance to gather information about individuals before or after marriage to establish trust and fidelity.

What do we do ?

We obtain for you the information needed for a secure and confident relationship.

Marital problems have become increasingly common in recent times, not only in Malaysia but across the globe. We often hear about couples seeking divorce to end their relationships. In fact, infidelity or cheating can happen at any stage of married life, leaving you uncertain about how to go forward. While we do not wish for this to happen to you, partnership is based on trust so if you believe that your trust has been broken, our team of experienced private investigators bringing their years of training and knowledge to help you.

Our team will conduct investigations to uncover any hidden or undisclosed information. The goal of the pre-marital investigation is to help individuals understand the background of their potential spouse to enable the individual to make wise decisions about future marriage. We seeks to provide concrete evidence of the actions of a partner for the individual to make the right decision in divorce or child custody cases.

We guarantee discretion, a quality investigation followed by a comprehensive report in a timely manner. If you believe that your trust might be broken, we can help you obtain the proof you need.

This is how we achieve our aims:


Gathering information about your spouse or partner through observation, watching, and tailing.

Background Checks:

Conduct research including verification of a person’s identity, past, background, and personal history.

Financial Assessment:

Research and investigate your future partner’s financial situation to find out if they have any secret debts, money troubles, or hidden financial responsibilities.

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